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Your morning skin care - start from the night before!

If you want to make sure that you start every morning with the best possible skin, you need to prepare the night before!

If you are following a meal plan as part of a new healthy diet, you will plan your meals and snacks ahead so that you know you have everything you need. Planning ahead also helps you stay on track with your regime and the same applies to looking after your skin. Take a little time to look after your skincare before you turn in for the night and you’ll get a great glow when you wake the following morning.

Take it off before bed

It’s the first rule of skincare, you will have heard it before but we’re going to tell you again – you must always cleanse your skin properly before you go to sleep. There are no excuses, even if you’re tired or have had the day from hell, that few minutes you spend on taking off your make up and cleaning your skin will make all the difference in the morning.

Take off your make up, or just cleanse off the dirt and gunk that will have accumulated during the day. Use a gentle cleansing product – you can ask your professional esthetician about what products suit your skin.

Tone properly and then follow with a good night cream or moisturizer. This will ensure your skin is absolutely clean and fresh and moisture replenished. Using a toner shouldn’t dry your skin out, if you find it too drying, again you can ask your esthetician for advice.

Get a good night’s sleep

Your skin cells grow faster during deep sleep as your body regenerates and repairs itself, so it makes sense to put a little effort into your pre-bedtime skincare routine to support this overnight regrowth.

Getting a good night’s sleep is another factor in getting glowing, healthy skin so try not to leave it too late before you call it a night. The occasional night out or Netflix binge watching session won’t do your skin any harm but if you get into the habit of late nights and don’t get enough sleep, it will start to show on your face very quickly.

There are some great products designed to be used at night – some you can leave on while you sleep like rich night creams, anti-aging

serums and nourishing facial oils. Getting into the habit of using good quality skincare products before bed will set you up not just for the day – but for life.

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