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Vajazzel              $600

All organs of the body, including  genitalia, are subject to a slow and gradual aging that leads to functional, visible and structural changes. This treatment not only lightens it is a solution composed of unique and efficient ingredients, mixed to reverse the signs of aging and tighten the skin.

Intimate Bleaching 

This high-performance treatment ensures optimal results by using a layered peel coctail, diamond dermabrasion and Micro needling, providing intense lightening complete skin resurfacing. Stubborn dark area, underarm, bottocks inner thighs and legs are treated and reduced and your skin is toned and smoothed. This body treatment also incorporates massaging motions for wonderful moments of relaxation. Prices differ with spot treatment.
Armpits                     $450.00

Buttocks                    $700.00 +

Bikini Line                 $400.00

Nipples                      $400.00

Inner Thigh               $700.00+

Vagina                       $600.00

Neck                          $350.00

Elbows                      $400.00

Knees                        $450.00

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