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Aroma Oil Body Scrub

Dissolve into tropical bliss with this highly nourishing and oh-so-fragrant body scrub cleans pores treats skin; Ideal for when you’re feeling tired, run, down or sluggish, this revitalising Body Scrub boosts your energy field and leaves your skin light, hydrated and glowing.


Strawberry Legs Peel   

Intensive treatment visibly treats and repairs skin producing clean healthy looking even toned skin. Strawberry legs are nothing but the presence of small black dots just beneath the upper layer of the skin, caused by inflamed hair follicles. This gives your legs a strawberry-like appearance, hence the name. Sessions vary from 2 - 4, maintenance at home is non negotiable for complete results. 

$900.00 +



The U body peel  

This high-performance treatment ensures optimal results by using Intimate cocktail providing intense lightening complete skin resurfacing. Stubborn dark area, underarm, bottocks inner thighs and legs are treated and reduced and your skin is toned and smoothed. This body treatment also incorporates massaging motions for wonderful moments of relaxation. Prices differ with spot treatment.

$1500.00 +



Mole Removal

Mole removal is a simple process. You come in for a consultation and are provided with a price. Often on the same day the procedure can be done. Once the mole has been removed you are given instructions of how to care for your skin.

$200.00 +




All Prices are quoted in TTD

Hoch Therapy

Improves the damaged hair follicle especially if hair loss is present. Treats - Hair Loss, Alopecia, Brittle and Weak Hair.

$400.00 +




Vibration Therapy      


Whole-body vibration three times a week aids weight loss, burn fat, improves flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength, decreases the stress hormone cortisol & stimulates collagen production. 

                                                                                         $ 150.00

Body Melt Cocoon Wrap

Four step lay down experience pairing essential oils, aromatherapy hot oil scrub, skin fold massage with infrared heat to reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm skin, and improve lymphatic drainage.



Aroma Steam Therapy

A perfect addon. The steam also helps relax stiff joints and muscles.



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