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Why We Need Client Information Forms for Skincare Services

It might just seem like more form-filling to you but there are plenty of reasons why we will always ask you to complete one of our Client Information Forms or consultation forms if you’re coming to us for the first time, and in some cases if you’re having a new treatment with us. It’s important that we have a completed intake from you so that we can make sure your treatments are not just effective, but also safe and suitable for you.

General Health

First of all, we need to know a bit about your overall health, including any medications you’re currently taking. This is important because some products we use could interact with medication (we wouldn’t be able to use some types of facial on a client who is taking medication for acne because of increased sensitivity). Other conditions might make some types of treatment inadvisable, like microcurrent facials for example. If you’re pregnant we also need to know – some treatments aren’t advised during the first trimester and even natural products like some essential oils aren’t advised for women during pregnancy.

Skin Health

We’re in the business of making you look good so we need to know what we are working with! If you suffer with any rashes, allergies or skin complaints, please tell us so that we can make sure we don’t use any products that might irritate your skin even more. We can also factor that into your treatment plan as an issue to address.

We’ll ask you questions about your skin type so that we can make the right recommendations for your treatment plan, and home care products too. Knowing that your skin is sensitive will help us to avoid products that could cause a reaction, and if we know you have oily/dry/combination skin we can treat that accordingly.

Issues You Would Like to Address

Some people like to treat themselves to a facial just to relax and pamper themselves while others have specific concerns that they want to treat, like wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles, acne or rosacea. If you can tell us as much as possible about your desires, we can formulate a plan and choose the best products to help you get the skincare you really want from us.

Your Lifestyle

We might ask you questions about your lifestyle too. This is just to get an overall idea of how you are and whether realistically you’re going to be able to make changes. If you lead a very stressful lifestyle, juggling work, kids and more, and barely have time for yourself, we’ll look at homecare products for you that are quick and easy rather than a complicated yet effective regime. It’s all about you.

We’ll also make some gentle recommendations about ways to improve your skin through making minor changes, so if you smoke for example, you know what we’re going to tell you! We can advise you on SPF skincare based on your answers, and give you useful tips to boost the effects of the facial or treatments you’re having.

The questions we ask you on our Client Intake Form are there for both your therapist and you, and are valuable information we need to make sure that we tailor any treatments to your exact needs. We really appreciate you taking the time to fill them out honestly and in detail.

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