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Why sticking with one therapist will get you better results

It’s tempting to follow the special offers and go where there are deals for a facial or a series of treatments; but that’s not always the best deal for your skin care. It might not even be the best thing for your pocket, as more and more beauty salons and therapists are starting to offer loyalty programs and cards. Sticking with one therapist may help you save money in the longer term but why exactly would it be better for your skin? They all do the same thing, right? Wrong.

Firstly, if you go to an Esthetician, the first thing they will do is take a lot of notes. They want to know about your general health, your skin care routine, and your skin concerns. They will make notes about any allergies or reactions. This is a necessity and it’s also there to help the therapist when it comes to treatment #2 or #3. It helps them plan out what products work best for you.

When you go to a new therapist, he or she will have to start all over again to find out what your health, medical conditions and skin concerns are when you could have been using that valuable time to actually get on with treating your skin!

After a few sessions, your Esthetician will get to know you even better and will know for example, whether to leave a skin peel on for longer, or whether you need extra moisturiser. She will be able to see the results of the treatments she’s already carried out for you, and hopefully the home care products that she’s recommended. You’ll get to trust her, and her judgement, and so you’ll be more relaxed – stress isn’t good for the skin!

The more you see a particular skin care therapist, the more she will learn about your skin and how it reacts. Not only that, but she’ll be updating your notes with details of everything she’s done and will be able to look back at them to see what’s working and what didn’t. She will also get to know your lifestyle so that the home care products she recommends fit in perfectly with your day to day routine.

There’s no point suggesting a complicated morning and evening routine to someone who barely remembers to moisturize in the morning – if she knows you have a busy lifestyle she may suggest that multi-tasking products would suit you instead. You’re more likely to use the products you pay for and stick with a skin care routine if it’s tailored to your needs.

It all comes down to sometimes, sticking with who and what you know is for the best...


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