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Weird and Wonderful Global Spa Therapies

You might think that there’s not much in the spa world that’s not already been tried.

You’re so wrong; they are thinking of new things all the time. Most new treatments are in fact variations on ancient themes with a modern twist, but we’ve handpicked a few of our favorite unusual treatments for you to try if you’re feeling adventurous!

Himalayan Heart Stone Massage

Himalayan Heart Stone Massage is a sweet and gentle therapy. It uses warmth from specially heated heart-shaped salt stones combined with massage oil and specific massage techniques to help you achieve that most elusive thing; inner peace. The warmth that emanates from the stones helps to soothe and ease tension in your muscles and the positive ions are also thought to help calm you down by eliminating harmful vibrations and clearing the air. A nice peaceful therapy to start with...

Red & Black Pepper Lipolysis

This is a detox with a twist – a twist of seasoning! The medicinal properties of red and black pepper help stimulate your circulation and help break down fatty tissue.

The treatment is another relaxing and soothing one and uses warming and cooling techniques designed to tone the skin. This is followed by a firming massage which boosts both the blood and lymph circulation and helps your body to detox.

The treatment is often followed with a cleansing spirulina wrap and a chilly dip in a thalassotherapy pool. It will leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and toned, and your mind beautifully relaxed.

Indian Nasal Treatment

This one is probably less relaxing but said to be very effective. It comes from Nasya, an ancient Ayurvedic practice, and along with washing out your nasal cavities, it’s said to be a kind of yoga for the nose. This treatment is helpful for anyone who suffers with blocked sinuses and headaches and can help to remove a build-up of toxins from the head and neck area.

Chavutti Thirumal Massage

Also known as Indian rope massage, this therapy involves your therapist clinging onto a rope above their head while giving you a massage with...their feet! The ropes help them to balance and also to

adjust the pressure. The feet are said to help give you a stronger, deeper massage.

Nepalese Eye Therapy

Akshi Tarpana or Ayurvedic Eye Therapy is an unusual treatment that involves applying ghee to your eyes to treat eye disorders and revive tired eyes. Sounds a bit yuck to most of us but it’s been used effectively for many years. A session involves you lying down while a ring of flour paste is created around your eyes. Then, medicated ghee is poured into the ring, while you open and close our eyes on the therapist’s instructions.

Anja Light Therapy

Anja Light Therapy uses ‘dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology’ to induce a really deep meditative state. This deep therapy is said to help you to explore the depths of your perception, develop clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, and encourage a more profound connection. Some people even claim to have experienced out-of-body and astral projections during sessions.

The idea is for me to be educated enough to educate you bringing you the best. #unfbspa

If none of those sound good to you, why not book a nice facial instead?

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