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The Best Care for Your Oily Skin

Oily skin can be difficult to manage; make up slides off, you feel constantly shiny and the trendy matte look is impossible to carry off if your base slips off by lunch break.

You can manage your oily skin and make it work for you, with just a few tips from the experts.

Myths About Oily Skin

You’ve probably heard most of the oily skin myths. People will tell you that it doesn’t need moisturising (oh yes it does) or to base your skincare routine on oil-free products. You certainly shouldn’t use facial oil (not true.)

Oily – Or Just a Combination?

In some cases you might think that your skin is oily when in reality it’s combination. If your face turns into something resembling an oil slick within an hour of washing, then it’s safe to say you have oily skin. Most of us just get a little shiny in certain places, and labelling our skin oily can lead to dryness – which in turn leads to more oil production! Ask your esthetician for advice if you’re not sure.

Keep the Moisture Coming

You don’t treat oily skin by drying it out – you must moisturize. At the same time, don’t punish your skin with a harsh astringent or cleanser in an attempt to dry up excess oil. It won’t work. Opt for a gentle cleansing routine, based around professional products chosen for your skin type.

Salicylic acid is a good ingredient for helping to minimize excess oil production.

Ask your esthetician for advice if you’re not sure whether your skin type is combination or really oily. Regular facial treatments can also help to balance out your skin so that the oiliness becomes less of an issue. Treat your skin kindly and it will start to show.

At the same time, don’t go too heavy on the moisturizer. Look for a light product and avoid heavy formulations including ingredients like shea butter which will sit on your skin and make it worse.

Control the Shine

When you’re searching for a moisturizer, opt for something that offers shine control. This makes sure that while your skin stays moisturised and hydrated, the excess oil is ‘blotted’ by ingredients in the product. Skin primers are also a great bet for oily skin, as they give you an added layer of shine protection even if they aren’t oil-free.

Be Careful with Toners

If you’re a woman who likes to tone as part of her beauty routine, that’s fine, just don’t overdo the astringents. It’s not an essential step even if you have oily skin. Choose a formula with glycolic acid to remove excess oil and only use it where it’s necessary; usually in your T- zone.

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