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Instant Quiet for a Busy Mind

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

How can you quiet a busy mind that won’t stop thinking? Try these tips when your mind gets crowded and you feel the stress starting to build and soon it will be second nature.


Focus on your mind and body, your feelings, mental state and emotions rather than external things that you have zero control over. To move your mind away from circumstances that you can’t control, centre yourself and refocus. Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus really hard on all the sounds that are going on around you. Ignore and try to quiet any internal chatter. Open your eyes after a few minutes of this and you should feel as if you’ve cleared your mind, at least temporarily. It works by shutting out the internal noise and making you relax the ‘stressed out’ part of your mind as the logical, physical part takes over and listens to what’s going on around you, taking you out of the relentless to-do lists in your mind.


If you find that even after refocusing your mind it’s still spinning, try a good daydream instead. Take just 20 minutes, go outside for a walk and just let your mind wander. Imagine your dream beach vacation, the décor in your dream house, whatever floats your boat. Fill your busy mind with daydreams to keep out the negative chatter and tap into your creative brain. Positive, intentional daydreaming is a wonderful stress reliever and you never know, you could come up with an amazing idea while you’re wandering!

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