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Healthy Eating Tips

Since we absolutely are what we eat, there is no way we can talk about self-care without talking about food! It is my belief that there isn't one diet or plan that is right for everyone. We each should each figure out what our bodies need for ourselves, and that is what I want to focus on, figuring that out! I think every eating plan there is agrees on at least this one thing: our bodies need vitamins, minerals, protein, and essential fats. How you choose to get them is up to you, but here's a few tips:

• Greens, the more greens the better! They have calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron. (Tomorrow is Green Smoothie Day :))

• Eat regularly, skipping meals doesn't help your metabolism.

• Eat breakfast soon after getting up.

• Eat all the colors of fruits and veggies, organic if possible or wash


• Nobody needs to eat pesticides.

• Follow the 80/20 rule 80 percent really good stuff, then don't stress out about the other 20 percent. More good stuff in, less

bad stuff in!

• Enjoy your food and be thankful for it!

• It's ok to go in increments, and upgrade your nutrition in steps. Make a healthier choice and another and another.

• Here's a quote I love from Denise Duffield Thomas "Every time that you make a choice that nourishes your body you are stepping closer to your dreams. Every time you make a choice that harms or compromises your health you are stepping further away from your dream."

• I feel best when eating light and fresh! I do eat meat, just not every day or every meal. Here is a recipe for one of my favorite soups. I love some Gazpacho, I used to make it at a restaurant where I worked, and it would always sell out!

Chef John’s Gazpacho

Please share a favorite recipe of yours in the Facebook group!

Green Smoothies

Some of the benefits of Green Smoothies are:

• Whole food nutrition from the fruits and veggies you choose, better than juice because you get all the fiber as well.

• You can get your veggies in without even noticing the taste of the veggies is usually covered up by the flavors of the fruit.

• They are easy and inexpensive to make with a few basic ingredients and a blender.

• Because they have fruits and veggies green smoothies give you longer lasting energy than just eating fruit.

• Green smoothies are low calorie, filling and hydrating. So let's get started! You will need:

1. Greens - baby spinach (that is the best one for beginners), or "juicing greens" mix, kale, turnip greens

2. Fruit - I always use at least half a banana for sweetness, berries, pineapple, apple, peaches, mango, ect...Carrots are good too

3. Liquid - milk (almond,coconut, cashew, soy) juice or water

4. A blender or Ninja

5. Optional - Protein powder, yogurt or super food like Spirulina

I use 1 cup - 1 & 1/2 cups of greens, half a banana, 1 cup of other fruit put all that in the blender smash it down, cover with your liquid and blend on high until smooth. I add about 1/2 teaspoon spirulina and sometimes protein powder too and I use some frozen fruit because they taste better nice and cold!

Stretching Feels Good and Is Good For You!

Having a good stretch once or twice a day feels good and can help prevent injuries (flexible muscles can do more), improve your posture (and as a result help with back pain), increase blood and nutrients to your muscles, and help you to feel less stressed.

Here's a Quick Stretching Routine:

Spinal Stretch – lie on your back, bring your knee to your chest and then across your body. Your right knee will go over to the left side of your body. Hold this for at least 30 seconds. Then stretch the other side.

Forward bend – Sit with your legs straight out in front of you stretch your arms up to the sky and then bend forward as far as you can.

Spinal Twist- still sitting with your legs in front of you, bend one knee to your chest then twist your body and hug your bent leg.

Other quick stretches (you can do these at your desk)

• Clasp your hands behind you and pull back to stretch your chest.

• Hold your arm in front of your body and stretch it into your chest

• Stretch your neck from side to side or do neck rolls

I bet you are feeling better already!

Also check out YouTube for some quick stretching routines:

5 office stretches 5 minute yoga

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