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Eat Right for Healthy Skin

Have you ever noticed how that when we have an illness, or imbalance in the health of our body, we look for ways to heal it using diet, supplements and ultimately medication – but when we have issues with the largest organ of our body – our skin – the temptation is to try and fix it using creams, oils and lotion that we just apply topically?

It’s easy to forget that our skin needs to be fed properly in order to function, and needs good quality nutrition if it’s to look and feel its best.

Food is so important for skin health as well as the health of the rest of our body. How could we improve the way our skin feels by making a few changes to our diet?

The Good Skin Food Checklist

Instead of using food as a way to satisfy a craving or enjoy a tasty treat, we could try using food as a medicine – our own natural skincare regime. Foods that will help you to stay healthy, vibrant and have radiant, glowing skin include:

· Mixed greens including kale - these contain a selection of powerful antioxidants that can slow down the visible effects of ageing and reduce inflammation.

· Blueberries and cranberries – these and many other dark berries are packed full of polyphenols, compounds which can have a beneficial effect on the condition of your skin.

· Almonds and Brazil nuts – these contain lots of vitamin E, another antioxidant which helps your skin to resist UV damage. Vitamin E is also excellent for helping your skin to stay moisturized.

· Spring onions and green Onions – great if you have dark circles under your eyes or have lost elasticity in your skin, as they contain Vitamin K.

· Grilled Salmon – moisturize your skin from within with healthy omega -3 fatty acids which help to nourish your skin.

Make sure that you add lots of vegetables to your meals, plus delicious fruits as well, for extra vitamins, and use extra virgin olive oil on your salads. Showed that women who consumed higher amounts of olive oil (more than 2 teaspoons) had 31 per cent fewer signs of aging compared to people who ate less than a teaspoon, so if that’s not a good reason to drizzle it on your veggies, nothing is!

Wash your meals down with delicious green tea; a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2011 revealed that people who drank green tea daily for 12 weeks had smoother, more elastic skin than a control group. Green tea contains catechins like EGCG which boost blood flow and oxygen to your skin, keeping it healthy.

Topical products and facials are fantastic ways to keep your skin looking its best, but if you are really serious about treating your largest organ with love and care, invest in some of the ingredients above and incorporate them into your diet regularly.

We’d love to know your favorite skin-boosting recipes!


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