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Aromatherapy Blends for Studying and Focus

When you really need an extra hit of concentration it’s tempting to head to the kitchen and make another cup of coffee. While caffeine can be effective, there are much gentler natural ways to jolt your concentration again, and they don’t have to involve double shots of espresso!

Using essential oils can be really beneficial for concentration and focus when studying, and these are much better for kids and teens than artificial stimulants. Some oils are said to have stimulating effects on the brain, which you’ll feel immediately, and they also boost overall mood, which can’t be bad. The emotional center of our our brain is directly linked to the olfactory epithelium in our noses, and this is why sniffing certain smells can have such a powerful effect on the mind. So which oils do you opt for (and blend) for optimum focus?


A study from 2017 found that students who worked in a room filled with rosemary essential oil scent scored 5% to 7% more than other students in memory tests. Rosemary has been associated with memory for centuries and was even referenced by Shakespeare. The best way to get rosemary’s effects are to dilute a few drops with a carrier oil and rub directly on your wrists or temples, put a few drops in your bath, or use a portable diffuser while studying.


Another essential oil that can improve focus is lavender. Yes, it’s best known for relaxation and helping beat insomnia, but a Japanese study also indicated that people who inhaled lavender essential oil during study breaks carried on studying just as intently after a break, getting straight back to work and not losing any concentration. So, diffusing some lavender essential oil could leave you feeling more motivated to complete the task at hand, ultimately leading to better results.


This fresh scent is definitely a boost – it pops up in commercial shower gels and other cosmetics designed to wake us up so it figures that it’s good for studying and concentration. According to a study from back in 1991, just inhaling peppermint essential oil can help when you need to do a task that requires sustained attention – and studying can get dull, after a while. Pep yourself up with a good deep inhale of peppermint oil or diffuse it in a burner for more sustained effects.


Lastly, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh lemon? This invigorating essential oil has well-proven effects on the mind and its concentration abilities. Another useful study revealed that sniffing lemon essential oil helped improved people’s ability to type, and what’s more, when workers inhaled lemon oil, they made 54% fewer errors. It may also help older people with cognitive skills, and those with Alzheimer’s.

Why not experiment with mixing oils and adding to to your diffuser for a concentration mood boost - include lavender, jasmine, peppermint, and lemon essential oils to help with clear thinking, focus, and concentration in the coming school year.

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