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Appreciate Your Employees with Spa Gift Certificates this Holiday Season

You know that your business wouldn’t function so well without the dedicated team you have on board, so at Christmas, you’ll want to spoil them with a thoughtful gift, right?

But a thoughtful gift for one person may not suit another. You can’t buy candy or other delicious festive treats because you don’t know if you have a staff member who is vegan, lactose intolerant, nut allergic or dieting. Alcohol won’t work – many people are opting not to drink alcohol these days and others may not drink for religious reasons. A Christmas cash bonus isn’t very imaginative and will appear like a last-minute gesture. So, what’s a really thoughtful gift that everyone will appreciate?

Well, it’s hard to go wrong with a spa gift certificate.

Unsure? Well, here’s a few reasons why they are a great idea.

If you give all of your staff members a gift certificate for a spa with a range of different treatment options, they get to choose their own gift. Some people might love the idea of a spa day and jump right in, but others could be shy and prefer to choose a clothed option – a facial or pedicure for example.

Indulgent food and drink is a popular gift choice (while a free gym subscription probably isn’t) but you want to look after your employees’ health, don’t you? Go for the middle ground and give them all spa gift certificates for Christmas, and you are giving them a gift that keeps on giving. Nobody wants stressed out, uptight and poorly staff members. Introducing them to the benefits of spa treatments could be one of the best things you can do for their wellbeing, and they will thank you for it.

Did we mention staff loyalty? If you show that you’ve put real thought into buying Christmas gifts for your work crew, so that they feel appreciated and cared about, you are more likely to get a loyal team on your side next year. A thoughtful gift like a spa gift certificate shows that you value your workforce and care about their health. The people receiving these certificates will appreciate the thought that went into them, and when they are having their treatments, they will appreciate you even more!

Don’t forget your own Christmas treat too, when you buy your gift certificate. You should definitely also buy yourself a spa treat at the same time, just because you are a lovely boss and you clearly deserve some TLC at this busy time of year...

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