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10 Ways to Fit Regular Facials into Your Budget

Looking good – it’s something we all aspire to, and taking care of our skin is important too, but sometimes self-care and treatments get put on the back burner when there’s other things we think we should be spending our money on.

Don’t worry though, we’ve put together some sneaky ways that you can keep the cost of your beauty treatments down and give yourself a bit of me-time for less.

Call for Deals!

There may be a new treatments with special deals. Certain times of year are quiet for beauty treatments, too, so look for traditionally quiet times and see if there are any offers on facials and skincare designed to tempt people in to fill the spa!

Ask About Membership

Businesses want to keep you loyal to them and skincare clinics and spas are no exception. Many are cottoning on to the idea of loyalty cards – memberships where you can get discounts on treatments and also the type of card where you notch up five facials and get another one free. Always worth investigating.

Try Targeted Services

Most places will offer shorter taster sessions and quick lunchtime treatments; you don’t always have to opt for the hour-log full facial. If money is tight, look for a quicker, simple treatment to tide you over until you can book the luxury facial.

Call on the day for a appointment

Beauty therapists like to offer great discounts to fill their appointment books, especially when it’s a bit quiet. Get daily deals at massive discounts.

Do Some Bartering

Do you know anyone who works in a clinic or a spa? Perhaps you can barter with them so that they give you your facial treatments .

Contact the Spa to be a face or body model

Spas need to advertise and are always looking for people to do their services on to document procedures. It might not be as seamless or professional as a spa massage but the difference in cost will make that more than worthwhile.

Get Gift Certificated

If your friends never know what to get you for birthday presents and you end up with things you never use and end up donating, ask for what you really want – gift certificates for the spa. They get to know exactly what to buy you and you get your facials. Easy win.

Suggest an Office Taster Session

Do you know a aesthetician who would love to expand her/his clientele? One easy suggestion is to get them into workplaces to offer taster treatments – perhaps as part of a fundraiser? They can offer discounted facials and treatments and potentially walk away with a few more clients.

Renegotiate Your Household Bills

We all have things we pay out for but could get a better deal on. Credit cards, cable, cell phones, check how much you pay and negotiate a deal. Use whatever you save to get that facial!

Nix the Morning Coffee

This one crops up in so many ‘how to save money’ articles because it works. A coffee every day for a month (especially a fancy one at Starbucks!) will cost you more than that facial and too much caffeine wrecks your skin anyway.

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