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Make this Valentine’s Day Beautiful

Valentine’s Day – we all feel the pressure to look our best on this special day, to remind our significant other just how lucky they are to have us! It’s also a great time to think about making your beloved feel special by gifting them something that will give them a little boost of confidence – like a gorgeous beauty treatment that will perk them up (and get you serious brownie points into the bargain).

Of course, you could just offer your partner some flowers, candies or chocolates, but where’s the originality in that? This V-Day, why not spoil your lover with a pampering treat that will last longer than the garish red Valentine’s displays in the mall?

It doesn’t matter if you’re spoiling a male or female partner, the chances are that they want to look good. Check out the menu of amazing facial and body treatments for both women and men that we offer offer and see if there’s something that you know your sweetie will adore. Have they been complaining about the state of their nails? How about a luxury manicure and/or spa pedicure to perk up their hands and feet? Everyone feels just a bit more put together with a matching set, right?

Body treatments are another winner – booking a sumptuous body scrub with delicious essential oils will absolutely get you into your partner’s good books, and while they are being scrubbed and pampered and left smelling divine, you can book yourself in for a treat too – how about a detox wrap so that you fit into that awesome outfit you bought for the dinner you’ve got planned on Valentine’s Day? Or a luxury facial treatment to make you feel ultra- glamorous/groomed.

Why not sneak a look at your partner’s bathroom cupboard and see what their favourite products are, then take a trip to your local spa or skin clinic and see if there are any great gift offers on their favourite product lines? That will earn you extra points for research...

Singletons should also show themselves some love on the most romantic day of the year, and what better way to take care of YOU than a pampering beauty treatment. In fact, why not book something for when the clinic is quiet and relax with some decadent me-time as you’re spoiling yourself? Opt for your absolute favourite products, choose a facial or a body treatment on the menu that will make you feel special and congratulate yourself on the fact that you get to spend all your dollars on looking after number one and not taking someone else out for the night!

Whatever you do, for yourself or for others, enjoy a beautiful Valentine’s Day...

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